Sarah Madras is on a mission to revolutionize how organizations lead, perform, and connect.

Blending mindset mastery and high performance hacks with interpersonal skill building, Sarah will have your company culture thriving so you can have a loyal and motivated team that brings their A-game in all situations.


****All programs are offered online virtually and/or live in person****

Lead & Achieve


1. Bring Your A-Game: High Performance Hacks for Managing Stress & Anxiety


2. Anatomy of Trust: The Art & Science of Turning Employees and Customers Into Raving Fans


3. Develop a Thought Boss Brain: Mindset Mastery to Elevate Success


4. Communicate to Connect: Effective Communication Skills to Foster a Company Culture of Connection & Belonging





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****Trainings can be spread out weekly, monthly, or quarterly OR concentrated into two half days or one full day****

Resilient Us!


Week 1: Company Core Values

Week 2: Building Trust

Week 3: Company Boundaries/Expectations

Week 4: High Performance Hacks for Work-Life Harmony, Productivity, and Longevity

Week 5: Thought Boss Mindset Mastery

Week 6: Effective Communication: Advocate Instead of Alienate

Week 7: Unlock Your Greatness: Unlock Individual Team Member Greatness to Elevate the Collective

Week 8: Action & Accountability 




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****Trainings can be spread out OR concentrated into 2- full days****

A la Carte


Bring Your A-Game: High Performance Hacks for Managing Stress & Anxiety


During the workshop, attendees will learn the formula for stress, how to positively manage stress, go from feeling powerless to powerful, productivity hacks, and the art of self-care in reducing stress and improving performance. They will leave the workshop knowing the exact steps to reduce stress, maintain motivation, and bring their A-game in all situations. These tools will directly translate into improved career success, increased productivity, job satisfaction, and overall well-being.

Courage + Confidence: Own Your Self Worth To Boost Your Net Worth


The #1 thing blocking you from success is the belief that you are not enough. The self-doubt of "Who am I to be doing this" is known as imposter syndrome. In this workshop, participants learn how to banish common success blockers through the skills of mindset mastery, shame resilience, and assertive communication so they can strengthen their courage, build their confidence, and boost their net worth. Attendees are empowered to step fully into their greatness so they can allow their gifts to serve, inspire, and positively impact the community.



Anatomy of Trust: The Art & Science of Building Client Relations


This workshop is an absolute game changer in creating raving fans from each person you encounter. During the interactive workshop, attendees will learn the 7-components of trust and how building trusting relationships with customers and employees is fundamental for any thriving business. Attendees will expand their sphere of influence and attract loyal customers, dedicated employees, and lifelong connections by learning the intricacies and implementation of trust in business relationships. Attendees will be able to identify the areas of trust that are their strengths, weaknesses, and then transform their weaknesses into their new superpowers so that they can be the benchmark that all customers compare other business interactions.



Develop a Thought Boss Brain: Mindset Mastery for Powerful Living


A millionaire mindset starts by becoming The Boss of your thoughts. In this workshop, attendees learn how to shift out of autopilot and into mindfulness. They will learn to become the boss of their own thoughts so that they can banish fears, what ifs, and limiting beliefs and sky rocket their success and resilience. Attendees will walk away with their own solution guide to the most common limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck in fear and playing small. They will be equipped with the exact tools to re-program their brain for success over struggle.



Success & Satisfaction: Unlocking Your Core Values & Leaving a Legacy


This powerful workshop unlocks the keys to understanding how core values drive your behaviors, choices, and goals. During the workshop, attendees will discover the 3 most important values that dictate their life, uproot hidden motivations, and understand connections to patterns of discomfort. They will walk away being able to answer the questions “Who Am I” and “What Is Important To Me”. They will explore the importance of embracing their core values as their guiding compass for powerful living. They will be empowered to step fully into their purpose and accelerate their success and satisfaction by building a business that is the embodiment of their values and the legacy they want to leave.





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1:1 Leadership Support


It’s lonely at the top. Even the most successful CEO can benefit from someone trusted to be transparent with and problem solve. Someone to talk through workplace dynamics, struggles, and frustrations.


Someone who isn’t just a “Yes-Man,” but will give it to you straight even when it’s hard to hear. CEOs know that is how you grow, expanded, and level up your success and happiness. It’s by discovering your blind spots and learning new skills and shifts in perspective to bust through them.


I support CEOs (virtually online and in person) so they can lead more bravely and boldly.





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