Skills for a better way to live in love


Unhappy in your marriage? Don’t worry you are not alone!


We all know that 50% of marriages end in divorce. (May the odds be ever in your favor)


Did you also know that Divorce is NOT the only option?


Staying in a marriage and feeling alone and unhappy is NOT the only option either.


Before you make any life changing decisions like DIVORCE OR A LOVELESS MARRIAGE check out the Happily Ever After Formula as your go to option to take your marriage from roommates to soulmates by learning the life changing relationship skills to save your marriage.


Over the last 12-years, as a Licensed Relationship Therapist, I have helped hundreds of couples - just like you - who are unhappy in their marriage and want to make it better, but just don’t know what else to do.

Happily Ever After Formula

Helping couples create happy and successful marriages.

Who is the Happily Ever After Formula For:




Couples who are stuck & wanting more


Couples who are content & want to learn to deepen their connection


Couples who are engaged & want to set their marriage up for success


Couples who are struggling through a rough patch


Couples on the verge of divorce

Men & Women Have This One Thing In Common 


Yes, it’s true that men and women are WIRED DIFFERENTLY in how they think, feel, behave, and communicate.
Men and Women are WIRED THE SAME in that they both are wired for connection and belonging. Woohoo, that’s wonderful news. You both have the same end goal. You both want to feel connected to each other and like you belong together. Score!!!! #winning 

Problems arise when what makes men and women different becomes 
bigger than the shared goal of connection.


Here’s a sneak peek inside the thoughts of men and women. Pssst, don’t rat me out and say you learned all your spouse’s deepest thoughts from me. Just kidding, pass it along and share it with all your friends. There’s no secrets here. πŸ˜‰ 

What Men & Women Really Think

You both think......


•This is not the life I imagined when I got married. 
•I don’t know if I can do this anymore 
•I don’t want to break up my family but I can't stand being angry, sad, and miserable all the time
These thoughts are very common in marriage. You are NOT a horrible wife. You are NOT a horrible husband. You are NOT a doomed couple! 
You just need the tools to make your marriage better. Because when you know better you do better. (Thank you Maya Angelou) 
Fill your marriage toolbox by joining the Happily Ever After Formula 


The couple that I see most often is...


The couple I talk about in the above video is very similar to my own parent’s marriage, except their marriage ended in divorce. You see, I am a child of divorce and I understand firsthand the complications divorce has on everyone’s life. Which is why I am determined to help couples all around the world to have healthy and happy marriages, so children don’t have to be impacted by growing up in loveless homes or broken homes.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned working with countless couple/families and combined it with the lessons gained from working to save my own marriage and created the BEST OF THE BEST skills and habits to bring you the HAPPILY EVER AFTER FORMULA. Build your marriage so strong that you can truly have your very own Happily Ever After. No fairy tales or magic wands - just real-life tools you can use to create your own happy and successful marriage. (pic of no fairy tales and no magic wands) These skills and knowledge seriously changed my life. It saved my marriage and countless of married couples I’ve helped over the last 12-years. 

Just wanted to reach out and say thank you. Thank you for everything you did for me and my husband. We wouldn't be where we are today without you. You helped to transform our relationship and become better people individually. Our sessions with you were often the highlight of our week."



When I first read about the program I immediately thought; "This seems to good to be true. There's no way the program can deliver all of this." Boy, was I wrong! The Happily Ever After Formula over-delievered and exceeded my expectations."


- SAM​

He said

SHe said

If I hear her say one more time how she wishes I was more like her best friend’s husband I’m going to tell her to go marry him.​

I am so resentful that I can barely stand to look at him 

I never get to go out with the guys anymore without her complaining and making me feel guilty.​

Why does he want to spend so much time with his buddies or on the computer or playing video games or watching sports than spending time with me and the kids? β€‹

​I love her, I love the kids, I go to work, I’m faithful. What more does she want from me? 

Why doesn’t he know who I am and what I need after all this time and me asking for so long? β€‹

I am happy in the marriage why is she never satisfied? Nothing is ever good enough for her. She always wants more. β€‹

When is he ever going to step up and be the man I need? 
There has to be more to life than this. I want more!!!

It’s not worth the argument so why say anything at all. 

I don’t want to have sex with him unless I feel emotionally connected and he has barely listening to anything I’ve said all week

She would be better off with someone else because I obviously can’t make her happy.

Maybe I would be better off with someone else.​

She thinks I’m the worst husband ever no matter how hard I try.​

He thinks that just because he goes to work all day that he’s an amazing husband. I work all day too and then come home and take care of the house and kids. I can’t do it all anymore. 

Why does she nag all the time about me helping more? I go to work all day to provide for her and the family and I am tried at the end of the day too. 

I’ve been taking care of our children all day and at the end of the day I just want to be left alone so I can have some Me-time. I want a husband that is an equal partner (a teammate) not a husband that feels like another child 

Why doesn’t she ever initiate sex anymore β€‹

Why doesn’t he want to have sex with me. 
Is he not attracted to me since I had the kids? 
Does he not want me anymore? Am I not pretty enough? Sexy enough? Thin enough?

Why doesn’t she want to have sex with me.​

He is crazy if he thinks I want to have sex with him when we haven’t talked or connected all week

Why is she bitching about stupid things like dishes being in the sink or towels on the floor. It’s no big deal.​

Why can’t he just look around and see what needs to be done around her and do it without me having to ask or nag​.

It’s easier to just go along to get along​.

What is going on in that head of his? He never shares how he feels with me.​

I’m so sick of her yelling and complaining.​

I keep telling him I am exhausted and need more of his help around the house and with the kids but he doesn’t do anything until I yell at him

Was this YOUR vision of marriage?​

Vision of marriage


I am willing to bet that when you were engaged and you pictured what your life would be like that your VISION OF MARRIAGE looked something like this.......
Waking up every Saturday morning, rolling over, and looking at your spouse with a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye. 
The first thought in your head would be how grateful you are and how much you love this person. 
They would slowly wake up, softly open their eyes, see your smiling face, and smile back at you. You would lean towards each other and kiss good morning. 
You would spend a lazy morning tangled up in bed, eating breakfast, laughing, talking, and making love all day. 


I am willing to bet that when you were engaged and you pictured what your life would be like that your VISION OF MARRIAGE looked something like this.......
Waking up every Saturday morning, rolling over, and looking at your spouse with a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye. 
The first thought in your head would be how grateful you are and how much you love this person. 
They would slowly wake up, softly open their eyes, see your smiling face, and smile back at you. You would lean towards each other and kiss good morning. 
You would spend a lazy morning tangled up in bed, eating breakfast, laughing, talking, and making love all day. 
Your two lives would fit together effortlessly and the love that you share would be enough to handle any challenges. 
Your spouse would intuitively know what you needed and wanted. They are your best friend after all. 
You would never go to bed angry and would always show each other love and affection. 
You would eventually have children (after you traveled and had some adventure of course) and then you would settle down into this nice life with a home of your own and a family of your own. 
Am I right? 

Reality of marriage


When you got married, the REALITY OF MARRIAGE looks more like this.......


You are abruptly awoken on Saturday morning to cartoons playing loudly on the tv in the other room.


You drag yourself out of bed and even though you slept through the night (lucky you) you are still tired.


You can’t understand how you could possibly feel exhausted all the damn time, but you shrug it off and head out of the room not even acknowledging your spouse in the bed next to you.


You walk out of your bedroom and are immediately bombarded with noise - chaos - mess.



•Dirty dishes are piled up in the sink


•Clean laundry is piled on the couch and your children are jumping into it like a pile of leaves


•Toys are scattered everywhere and you are afraid to move for fear of stepping on a LEGO or Matchbox car. (wait, is this only at my house?)


•One child is having a tantrum because they wanted the red plate not the blue plate


•Another child has managed to smear yogurt all over the floor instead of into their mouth


You immediately feel overwhelmed and exhausted before the day has even begun.


For a split second you daydream about running away to a tropical island for a week’s vacation by yourself. (Okay, maybe longer than a week)


Ya’ll the reason this sounds so familiar is because it is a universal experience. I get it because I am right in the thick of it too. And I actually do run away each year for a girls beach weekend. #ParentingIsNoJoke


Your vision of marriage and the reality of marriage are VERY different (damn you Nicholas Sparks and romance movies)


Which often leaves couples thinking there must be something wrong.


Wrong with their spouse


Wrong with them


Wrong with their marriage


When the truth is that you are just going through the natural and normal adjustments and hard times of marriage.


The truth is it’s not your fault your marriage sucks.


It’s not your fault that you suck as relationships.


The truth is you’ve never been taught how to be good at being married. You’ve have learned how to be good at relationships.......YET!


That’s exactly what you will learn in the HAPPILY EVER AFTER FORMULA.


You will learn to how to do marriage well.


You will learn how to not suck at relationships.

It’s not your fault your marriage sucks 





Marriage is NO JOKE!!!  


Yes, it can and is amazing and rainbows and sunshine and love and romance sometimes.  




Marriage can and is hard as hell sometimes too. Marriage can be painful and infuriating at times. It can be so exhausting that you just want to give up or like you have nothing left to give.  


Here’s why:  


All Relationships require a certain set of skills. (Sorry, Liam Neeson I had to borrow your famous line)  


Marriages require the most time and effort out of all of your relationships because you are around each other constantly.


I mean think about it for a second.  


Marriage is the joining of two separate individuals.  


Two separate individuals with: 


  • Different personalities
  • Different ways of seeing the world
  • Different ideas of how things need to be done 
  • Different priorities 
  • Different needs, goals, and wants 
  • Different backgrounds, life experiences, traumas, and triggers  


Yet, our society expects these two different people to get married, live together, be around each other every day, then throw in even more personalities and needs with each child you have, and top it off with life stressors of careers, finances, and physical health and yet you are expected to do all of it seamlessly and while posting photos of your picture-perfect life on social media.  


That’s a lots pressure and intense to say the least. It’s more like CRAZY MAKING if you ask me.  


















Now, don’t get me wrong just because you are different does NOT mean you cannot have a wonderful marriage. You can be different and have an amazing marriage. (My husband and I are very different and we stretch each other and help make each other better versions of ourselves in the best possible way) 


In fact, it’s the differences that help you grow yourself and learn another way of seeing the world. 






What Causes Marriages to Fail


What causes marriages to fail is the fact that we are never taught the important relationship skills needed for marriages to be successful and fulfilling. 
We are never taught HOW TO get along with all these different personalities. How to manage all the pressures of marriage, children, adulting. 
We are were never taught how to DO marriage and let me be clear marriage is something YOU DO EVERYDAY. 
There are no classes in elementary school, high school, or even college about what it takes to successfully get along with and connect with the same person for the rest of your life. I mean it’s completely setting marriages and families up for failure. 
The truth is that if you put yourself around any person every day for the rest of your life there are bound to be arguments, disagreements, and misunderstandings. It’s inevitable!!!! 
It’s inevitable because 
1. We are humans and humans aren’t perfect
2. We are not taught the relationship skills to be successful in marriages. 
Which is exactly why I created the Happy Ever After teach you the relationship skills needed to have a successful and fulfilling marriage. 
I want you - I want your spouse - I want your children growing up in a loving, healthy, and stable home. 

Because healthy relationships are the #1 factor for health and happiness.



You want to have a marriage that is happy & healthy. You want your children to grow up in a stable & loving home. That’s a given. 


You want you and your children to have relationships that are:  








(PS. I want that for you and your family as well) 


You don’t want 


-to be depressed 

-to be anxious

-to be filled with anger, resentment

-to feel numb and empty inside 

-only seeing your kids every other weekend 

-missing time and special occasions with your kids because it’s “not your day” 

-feeling unloved and unworthy 

-using food, drugs, alcohol, and affairs to numb your misery 

-your children growing up in a broken home where their parents are together but either fight all the time or don’t show each other love at all (loveless marriage) 

-your kids growing up in two separate houses 
(PS. I don’t want this for your or your family either)


The Happily Ever After Formula teaches you the life-saving relationship skills needed to have a marriage that is fulfilling and long lasting. Bonus, by practicing these skills you are teaching them to your children through modeling them. You are passing on the skills to them, which will save them from a lot of struggle and mistakes in their relationships. #ParentingSCORE
It’s not only a gift you give to yourself - it’s a gift you give to your spouse -it’s a gift you give to your children. 


Program at a Glance


8-weeks to your Happily Ever After 

Week 1: 


  • Relationship Core Values
  • Beliefs & Expectations
  • Establish Your Why 


Week 2: 


  • Fear-Shame Dynamic 
  • Formula for Fear
  • Admiration & Appreciation 

Week 3: 


  • Habits for Connection 
  • Questions for Connection 
  • Love Languages 

Week 4: 


  • The Anatomy of Trust 
  • Forgiveness

Week 5: 


  • Relationship Bank Account 
  • Bids for Connection 
  • Design Your Desire 

Week 6: 


  • The Art & Science of Communication 
  • Turn Towards-Turn Away-Turn Against 
  • 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse

Week 7: 


  • The Holy Grail of Conflict Resolution 
  • How to repair what’s been broken 
  • Art of an Apology (recognition, remorse, repair)

Week 8: 


  • Re-commitment 
  • Personalized Relationship Mission Statement 
  • Action Plan for the Year