Frequently Asked Questions:

How much time is needed to complete each weekly lesson? 


You will receive your new lesson on Monday mornings. Each lesson takes approximately 30-60-minutes. Lessons can take longer depending on the depth and extent of your personal exploration. Action steps such as posting to the Facebook group may take an additional few minutes. Each week, you will also be invited to the Thursday group coaching call where you will have the opportunity to receive coaching from me, side door coaching as you witness other's questions, as well as support from the group. Group coaching calls last 60-90-min. Total weekly time invested is minimum of 2-hrs/week to estimated maximum of 3-hrs/week.​

Do I need to be in a relationship in order to benefit from the program? 


No, not at all. The program is tailored for people wanting to learn how to have fulfilling relationships in all areas of their lives. You do not need to be in a romantic relationship in order to benefit from the program.

How exactly do group coaching calls work? 


You will be emailed a zoom login in which you can click the link to join the online group session. Zoom is a FREE platform that allows for group video-conferencing. The ability to have video and audio deepens the connection and experience with me individually while I am coaching you on the call and with the group as a whole as you give and receive support and encouragement.

Is there any required prep work? 


The bonuses of the Intentions vs. Expectations and Manifest Your Dreams are lessons you will receive prior to the start of the 7-weeks. Completing these lessons prior to program start date sets you up for the greatest success and most enjoyable experience as it allows you the opportunity to get familiar with the program materials and delivery.

How much does the happily ever after formula cost? 


You pay $497 for the 7-week group coaching experience. Each week, you will receive one module and workbook activities for the week. They will arrive directly into your inbox each Monday. Then, we will have a weekly 60-90-min group coaching call to dive deep into your work with the module, answer any questions, and provide clarity and support. The group coaching call will occur on Thursdays.

What's your refund policy?  


Results based guarantee on the following conditions:


1. Attending each group coaching call

2. Complete the homework in the workbook for each module

3. Actively participate in the experience by posting your homework to the private Facebook group


*We will ask to see the coursework you've completed to be sure that you've been following along with the program. Learning is a two-way street, after all!


Guarantee that you will;


1. Know your core values

2. Know your boundaries

3. Have a self care action plan

4. Increase your power over your negative self talk

5. Know your superpowers and kryptonite in regard to self trust

6. Increase connection with your body

7. Increase overall confidence


If you do not achieve the conditions listed above and submit an email request within 2-weeks of course completion date then you will receive 4-weeks of 1:1 weekly 60-min coaching with me to ensure they receive the results.