We all like getting value for FREE, right?


I mean I know I LOVE getting great stuff for FREE!!! Especially with two little boys that I swear eat us out of house and home. I mean seriously, you should see my grocery bills. (that’s even after I coupon clip)


But it can’t just be anything free it has to be something of VALUE. I don’t need anymore unnecessary crap in my life as I have enough of that between dirty diapers and kid’s meal toys. So my commitment to you is to give you FREEBIES with VALUE!! This is a Bullshit Free Zone here so no crappy free stuff allowed.

Don't be shy- jump right in and snag these killer freebies!!!

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Allow Your Relationships to Receive these Free Gifts


I believe in the POWER OF GIVING VALUE and I believe we all need to learn to ART OF RECEIVING. The receiving part has always been difficult for me as it made me uncomfortable when people gave me things when it wasn’t a holiday or special occasion. I think its because then I felt guilty for not giving them something back. Or depending on the person,I would feel like now our relationship was out of balance because now I owed them something or they gave more than I did.


I was always taught to give more than you receive which made it hard to receive at all. Receive gifts, free stuff, random acts of kindness, or help. I had to learn to RECEIVE just as effortlessly as I would GIVE. If you are anything like me then you may find it difficult to even receive these FREE GIFTS.


I encourage you to give yourself permission to RECEIVE these FREE gifts as your first step in practicing the art of receiving. Besides when you RECEIVE you are also giving the gift of making the other person feel good about giving. You see its a WIN-WIN.


Allow your relationships to become easier and more enjoyable by using these all of these gifts. In fact make sure to bookmark this page so you can back and grab them all as new ones are added.

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