Your Happily Ever After Begins Within


Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have as it is the foundation of all of your other relationships. After over a decade as a therapist, I created this powerful course to help you learn the essential skill of SELF LOVE as the foundation for creating fulfilling relationships. You must first love yourself so fiercly so that you can show others how to give you the love you deserve.

Happily Ever After Formula

7-weeks to the Most Important Relationship You Will Ever Have

Fall in Love Today!




Get your needs met without nagging and arguing


Feel understood, valued, and appreciated in your relationships


Express yourself with courage and confidence


Create unstoppable resilience and empowerment


Have inner peace and fulfillment


Trust and believe in yourself


Know who you are and your worth


Embrace and connect with your body as it is Feel loved and secure from the inside out

Relationship Success Starts With Self Love


During your 7-week group coaching experience, you will be guided and supported as you learn the 7 pillars of the Happily Ever After Formula. Each of the tangible takeaways from the 7 pillars of the Happily Ever After Formula can be applied immediately to strengthen and deepen the relationship connection in all areas of your life including with your children, spouse, family, and friends by creating your happily ever from within.



I guarantee you will feel seen, heard, and VALUED throughout the transformational journey.

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* Weekly professional support with me personally


* Consistent wins



* Unstoppable momentum


* Boatloads of fun


* Deep connection


* Guaranteed results

Be the Hero of Your Love Life


and start creating your HAPPILY EVER AFTER from within today!





30-days to Ignite Confidence


No diet or exercise necessary. 1 action each day to jumpstart your confidence.




Manifest Your Dreams


Create your detailed vision of your future self and your future relationships. Learn ways to manifest your vision into a reality.



The Power of Gratitude


Learn the art of gratitude and its impactful role on fulfilliment. Design gratitude rituals that fit your lifetsyle.





Explore how expectations are the silent killers of relationships.
Set your intentions for the next 7-weeks of the experience.​



45-Min Pre-Training Discovery Call


First 3 people to register, get Free 1:1 Call. Start your 7-week journey ahead of the game after your 45-minutes of 1:1 coaching with me. Get clairty and validation on your intentions for the 7-weeks. Burge your fears and guidance before the group experince starts.

This is a really strong program. It has a lot of real tools to help someone in relationships by helping them focus on themselves. The bonuses are super good too. It is a strong program."



When I first read about the program I immediately thought; "This seems to good to be true. There's no way the program can deliver all of this." Boy, was I wrong! The Happily Ever After Formula over-delievered and exceeded my expectations."


- SAM​

Core Values Pillar


Identify your top 3 core values. Create a personalized blueprint that allows you to eliminate the emotional anger so that you can use your core values as superpowers.

Boundaries Pillar


Develop your customized personal boundaries that are unique to you on what is okay and what is not okay of how you want to be treated. Create your personalized roadmap so that you can advocate for yourself and show people how to treat you with love and respect.

Self Trust Pillar


Embrace each crucial component of the Anatomy of Self Trust. Fill your future self with such rock solid trust so that you are able to listen to your intuition and feel safe within your relationships.

Self Care Pillar


Delight in the restorative power of Self Care. Stop feeling exhausted and taken advantage of and start feeling refueled and nourished from the inside out.

Thought Boss Pillar


Rock-out as you experience the freedom and inner peace that comes from disciplining your inner critic. Explore how you can quiet your inner critic and break through fears so that you can ignite your courage and feel unstoppable to live the life you always imagined.

Body Connection Pillar


Have fun reconnecting to your body by breaking through obstacles of body shame and feelings of discomfort Set yourself free to embrace your body and fall in love with the sacred vessel your soul resides in.

Self Worth Pillar


Reclaim the definition of self worth to its natural origin as an internal birthright. Cultivate unwavering resilience of your soul so that you can adopt the truth that you are worthy simple because you exist.



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