Welcome to sarah Madras Coaching


Hey there, I'm Sarah Madras

Transformational Mindset Expert.


Certified Dare To Lead™ Facilitator.



Brave Leaders & Courageous Cultures are BUILT, not born.  


I free 6-figure hustlers from self doubt & overwhelm through the power of

mindset & courage skills so they can have more freedom, wealth, and impact by building trustworthy, confident, high performing, loyal teams.  


Building Brave Leaders to Create Courageous Cultures.  



Hey there! I’m Sarah Madras, founder of Sarah Madras Coaching. When I tell people that I conduct virtual and live leadership & professional development programs & workshops for businesses and organizations I sometimes receive a confused look from people.


They are thinking; “How the hell can a therapist help my business?”


I absolutely LOVE this confused look!!!


Because I get to say; “You already know that successful businesses are based on 2 factors...

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