Become Resilient YOU!


Life is NOT about never experiencing heartbreak or struggle. (Hello, that’s impossible)


Life IS about building yourself so strong, confident, and courageous that when life gets tough and knocks you down (as it inevitably will at times) you are able to rise up even stronger.


Think back to middle school history class when you learned about the historical landmark of Stonehenge in England. It is a masterpiece that dates back to 3000 BC Which means it has been around for over

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Strong • Confident • Courageous


Experience UNSTOPPABLE resilience today!

In these hard moments of struggle and pain you begin to doubt yourself and fear creeps in.



5,000 years! WOWZAH!!! It has been through 5,000 years of storms, battles, and all kinds of adversity and yet it still stands tall. I mean think about that for a second. 5,000 years of adversities and it is still standing. How wild is that?!?!












Stonehenge symbolizes the epitome of resilience, eternal strength, and fortitude.


It is the symbol of what it means to become Resilient YOU!


Which is why during your adventure of becoming Resilient YOU! you will build yourself as ROCK SOLID as Stonehenge.


Let’s start your adventure to becoming Resilient YOU! by hopping into the Delorean (that’s a Back to the Future reference for those of you that haven’t seen the movie) and journey back in time to Wiltshire, England 3000 BC so you can build yourself with the same internal strength and fortitude as Stonehenge because you are your own masterpiece.

Let’s face it sometimes



Those hard time in life when you find yourself crying on the bathroom floor or screaming out at the top of your lungs.


The PRESSURE, PAIN, and HEARTACHE feels like just too much to take. You just want the PAIN TO STOP and for everything to be EASIER!

You try to find relief from these thoughts taking over in your head. To numb the hurt and discomfort you escape into another relationship, food, alcohol, sex, drugs, work, binge watch reality tv, or avoid it all together and push it down pretending it never happening. 


Sound Familiar? 
It sounds familiar because you are not alone. 


Then, Resilient YOU! is your deep dive into creating a life that frees you from being powerless.

Freedom Form



•fears holding you back


•past hurts


•painful memories






•self doubt​

Stop feeling PowerLESS and become PowerFUL today! 

Resilient YOU! equips you with the real life ACTION STEPS to be POWERFUL.


In the program you have AHA moments AND you get the answer to the question of NOW WHAT. You get the SKILLS, TOOLS, and HABITS to transform your life for long-term success.​

As a licensed mental health counselor with over a decade of experience, I have seen both professionally and personally how becoming resilient is the KEY to overcoming life’s challenges. Challenges such as anxiety, depression, addiction, eating disorders, anger, resentment, relationship problems, low motivation, struggle, and lack of success or fulfillment. The symptoms are endless. The solution is the same –UNSTOPPABLE RESLIENCE"


- Sarah Madras, Founder of  Coaching

Are you thinking???????


“I already like myself, I don’t need to be resilient.” 


Well, think again! 


Resilient YOU! is MUCH MORE than just you liking yourself. That’s surface level. 


Resilient YOU! is about building a sacred and solid relationship with yourself. A relationship where you know that no matter what struggles and difficult times you face that you are resilient enough to recover from these difficult conditions and rise up stronger and wiser than before. 



Core Values


1. Unlock your top 3 core values


2. Discover how your core values dictate your reactions, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings


3. Uncover how your core values impact your success and satisfaction


4. Learn how your core values are connected to your fears, anxieties, and discomfort


5. Learn to use your core values as your hidden superpowers




1. Explore the myths about boundaries


2. Understand the important role of boundaries and vulnerability


3. Uncover what your boundaries are


4. Learn how to advocate for yourself and enforce your boundaries with kindness


Self Care


1. Release the stigma of self care


2. Learn the importance of self care in your health and well being


3. Grant yourself permission to take care of yourself as well as you take care of others


4. Develop your own self care action plan


Thought Boss


1. Become more aware of the inner dialogue that plays in your head


2. Develop the skills to master your mind to promote confidence and courage


3. Learn how to quiet your inner critic and calm fears


4. Replace negative self talk with new empowering truths


Self Trust


1. Discover the essential components that create trust


2. Explore the differences between intuition and fear


3. Develop a strong foundation of trust in your self and with others


4. Know what to look for in others to determine their level of trustworthiness


5. Reveal which areas of trust are your strengths and areas of growth


Body Connection


1. Explore the importance of the connection between your mind-body-spirit for wholeness


2. Identify how and when you disconnect from your body


3. Reconnect with and appreciate your body


4. Heal your relationship with your body through acceptance not change


Self Worth


1. Understand the role of self worth on your daily success and fulfillment 

2. Reveal the thieves of self worth 


3. Declare your self worth manifesto 


4. Reclaim your self worth as non-negotiable 



Am I good enough?


Did he/she ever love me?


Maybe they are right. Maybe I’m not whatever enough. 


Why do they reject me? Maybe I do suck. 


Why do I keep screwing up?


What is wrong with me?


Will things ever get easier?


Why does this keep happening to me? Am I being punished?

Fears like:



Living a life that doesn’t fit you


Stressing over what you think you SHOULD do or who you think you SHOULD be


Wondering if this is all there is in life because it feels like something is missing and you crave more


Being exhausted from taking care of everyone else first and yourself last


Saying “yes” to things that you really want to say “no” to because you are afraid of upsetting people


Not saying how you truly feel because you are afraid of it leading to conflict or the person rejecting you


Tying yourself into knots trying to please everyone


Feeling taken advantage of and angry because people walk all over you


Stressing out over trying to keep things looking perfect. The perfectly clean house, fairy tale relationship, perfect kids, perfect job, and perfect life


Losing yourself in relationships


Feeling like nothing you ever do is good enough


Feeling powerless in your life

Are you tired of:



Feel powerful in your life


Feel respected and wanted


Trust your own instincts and trust others


Enjoy saying yes to yourself and doing things you WANT to do


Feel the inner peace and relief that comes from living a life that fits you


Get your needs met without arguing and nagging


Say how you feel and what you need without fear of rejection


Take care of yourself as good as you take care of others


Let go of anger and resentment


Have fulfilling relationships where you feel like the other person truly “gets you”


Embrace your body as it is instead of obsessing about changing it


Feel love unconditionally


Be unstoppable and limitless

Do you want to:

Resilient YOU! IS NOT.....


This program is NOT about building a wall around yourself so that you never experience rejection, pain, or loss.


First, that’s impossible.


Second, that’s a life without connection. And loneliness kills! Plus, that breaks my heart and refuse to allow you to go through life guarded and miss out of the euphoria that is deep connection.

A relationship that is:



•Deeply connected


•Rooted in knowing who you are and your beliefs


•Centered in the knowledge of your expansive capabilities

•Unwavering in the acceptance of your worth and the truth that pain and struggle do not make you any less valuable


•Courageous by allowing yourself to be vulnerable by simply being you

I highly recommend the Resilient YOU! course


It is written in an easy to read style and is full of immediately usable information to bolster your self-esteem and reclaim your own self-worth. The material dives deep without being too overwhelming and is full of positive messages as well as real-life examples that make it easy to relate to and see areas of my self-esteem that needed to be worked on.


The accompanying worksheets are straightforward and practical to implement, which make it easy to accomplish the action steps. They have provided me with a roadmap to keep myself accountable and create both a self-care routine as well as ways to catch and reframe my negative self-talk.


After taking the course I not only feel more confident and purposeful in my actions and thoughts, but am now understanding that it’s important to take care of myself as equally as I care-take and give to others."



- Tory Hendrix, Licensed Acupuncturist, MSTOM

I recently finished the Resilient YOU! program, and I am so grateful to have these tools. This is such an incredible, in depth, mind-shifting program that also had me laughing at times. Thank you for helping to grow my wisest women in me."


- Jessica D.

The program is awesome! Everyone needs to learn about themselves from the inside out. Even if you think your "esteem" is good, there are things for you to learn in the program!"


- TORY W. H.

Resilient YOU!








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