As a Relationship Therapist, my INTENTIONS for the tribe are based on my top core values:​

Already part of too many Facebook groups? It's time to de-clutter the ones that don't add value to your life...

Then its time to de-clutter the ones that don’t add value to your life and join the Worthiness Warriors Tribe. The Worthiness Warriors Tribe is your sacred haven to step into your personal power, speak your truth, and reclaim your innate worth so that you can create lasting & fulfilling relationships. This is the one tribe where you no longer have to play small and hide in the background. So no more sitting down and playing quiet.

The only way to connect is to engage. I make this easy with:

-Daily prompts (connect by commenting–I am committed to replying to all comments and posts)


-Live Videos (join live or catch the reply)


-Evening Encouragement (feel free to post what encourages and inspires you)


-Inner Circle Offerings (be the first to know about new programs I’m offering & discounts to tribe members)


-Celebrations and Fun!!! (Free prizes and random acts of giving such as free coaching and gifts)



Looking forward to seeing you on the inside the tribe!

The Worthiness Warriors Tribe

is growing steadily each month and it is so important to me to host a protected space for us all to stay connected, support, and encourage each other. Not just through likes and clicks, but through TALKING to each other about our challenges and celebrations. If you are looking for that virtual community that has your back and has your best intentions at heart than you have found it with the Worthiness Warriors Tribe.​




Self Worth