Meet Sarah Madras-Speaker, Author, Relationship Therapist


I’m Sarah Madras, founder of Esteem Builders Coaching. I help action-takers (just like you) around the world who refuse to settle for surface level unfulfilling relationships. I teach you to reconnect to your personal power, speak your truth, and own your innate worth so that you can have the fulfilling relationships you desire.


You are WORTHY, simply because you EXIST


I am a 12-year Licensed Therapist, Truth Teller, Boundary Beast, and Body Image Babe. But I haven’t always been. I have been stuck in unfulfilling relationships where I was filled with anger and resentment from having to nag or argue to get my needs met. I haven’t felt loved or appreciated and have been exhausted from taking care of everyone else first and myself last. I have been a people pleaser who tied myself into knots trying to get people’s approval and acceptance. I have been there and I lost myself in those unfulfilling relationships. Then I learned that having fulfilling relationships starts from within me. It started with me re-learning how to love myself so fiercely that it showed others how to love me best. Through learning to love myself I learned how to better love others in the way they need love.


Now, my mission is to share what I have learned with you and others just like you that are seeking to have fulfilling relationships in their lives. I combine my over a decade of experience as licensed mental health counselor with my empowerment coaching superpowers to help you feel seen, heard, known, and VALUED in your relationships. I have seen both professionally and personally how not loving yourself is the ROOT of all of life’s challenges. Challenges such as anxiety, depression, addiction, eating disorders, anger, resentment, divorce, breakups, low work productivity, etc. The symptoms are endless, but the root cause is always the same. The solution is building your Happily Ever After relationships from within.


It is from this self love journey that I have been able to cultivate soulful relationships with myself, my husband of 7-years, our two boys (ages 2 and 5), and my extended family and friends. It isn’t always easy. It isn’t always pretty. It is never perfect. It is always worth it.

Loving Yourself Changes Your Life More Than Anything Else You Can Do

I want this for you! Because it seriously feels so freaking glorious and you deserve it!!!