What the hell can a Relationship Therapist do for my business?

Fair question! I’m so glad you asked...

Meet Sarah Madras: Speaker, Facilitator, Relationship Therapist















Hey there! I’m Sarah Madras, founder of Esteem Builders Coaching. When I tell people that I conduct virtual and live leadership & professional development programs & workshops for businesses and organizations I sometimes receive a confused look from people.


They are thinking; “How the hell can a therapist help my business?”


I absolutely LOVE this confused look!!!


Because I get to say; “You already know that successful businesses are based on 2 factors;



1) Relationships


2) Mindset



As a licensed mental health therapist, I have spent the last 14-years studying mindset and human interactions. Learning what people truly think, need, and desire.


It’s actually one of the reasons I absolutely love my work. Our work together is the one place that people are totally RAW --- REAL --- HONEST.


No BS! No sugar coating! No pretending! No people pleasing!


They know it’s their one safe place where they can say share their deepest secrets without censoring themselves. They can purge all the things they keep locked away because they don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, get in trouble, or worse --- get fired.


Now, I don’t know about you but the person I would want to work with me and my team is the expert in people’s minds and relationships. The expert that has the inside scoop.


I’m that expert for you. I have spent my life studying the psychology of how people think, why they do the things they do, what motivates them, the interpersonal skills they need to work as a team and create networks and connections no matter the personality differences. I’m your expert who can teach your team how to master their mind set and bring their A-game in any situation.


It’s like going to a specialist instead of just your primary care doctor.


Yeah, your primary care doctor can help you with general things but a specialist dives deep into your specific concern and brings lasting change.


I’m your specialist in human interaction and mindset. I take that specialty to help you create a thriving company culture that increases success, satisfaction, and profitability.

Company Core Values:


Esteem Builders Coaching operates in alignment with the fundamental core values of TRUST, CONNECTION, and SELF WORTH.


The belief that trust is fundamental to all interaction and relationship building.


The belief that humans are wired for connection, that we are all connected in some way, and loneliness kills.


The belief that we are all equally worthy simply because we exist.


These unwavering principles guide all company behaviors, choices, and interactions.​

Company Mission:


To ignite a cultural revolution that fulfills the need for truthful connection & belonging.