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Carolina Parent (2011) (as Sarah DeNome) 

Mamalode (as Sarah DeNome)

A Fine Parent (as Sarah DeNome)

Little Pickle (as Sarah DeNome) 

Believe In Your Child (as Sarah DeNome) 

Dreams Recycled

Youngprenuers Podcast

Goal Crushers Club

NBC 17 (as Sarah DeNome)

The National Association of University Women

Women Rising

Cartus (as Sarah DeNome)

Gifts NC



Business Networking International

Cary Climbers Chapter (as Sarah DeNome)

North Carolina School Social Workers Association

United States Department of Energy

Awaken Goddess Within

Stay Happily Married

Florida State University College of Social Work

The Enoughness Challenge



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***Sarah's programs are perfect for action-takers that are looking to step into their power, speak their truth, and reclaim their innate worth so they can cultivate fulfilling relationships. She teaches proven strategies that have been used for more than a decade to empower yourself and improve your relationships and live a life of freedom, purpose, and passion. If this sounds like something you would benefit from and you understand that having someone by your side is worth it's weight in gold, than we have a match made in serendipitous synchronicity.***‚Äč