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Sarah Madras is on a mission to revolutionize how organizations lead, perform, and connect. Blending mindset mastery and high performance hacks with interpersonal skill building, Sarah will have your audience bringing their A-game in all situations.

Resilient YOU! 7 Pillars to Rock Solid Resilience



Life isn't about never experiencing struggle or heart break. It's about building yourself so strong and resilient that no matter what tough times you go through that you can get back up and know that you are valuable.   Learn the 7 essential components of resilience so that you can know yourself, own your worth, tame your inner critic, teach others how to love you best, and build a confidence so strong that the only reassurance you need comes from within.

Happily Every After Begins Within 


Ever been in a situation or relationship where you felt yourself shrinking? That without even realizing it your inner light was dimming and you forgot who you are because you were so focused on trying to be who you thought others wanted you to be. That no matter how hard you tried to please people or gain their approval you never felt good enough. BAM!! You were trapped in the darkness of "I am not enough" and looking outside of yourself for validation that you are worthy. In this interactive workshop, you will learn the essential components of self esteem so that you can become a boundary beast, take care of yourself as well as you take care of others, reclaim your worth as a birthright, and create unstoppable resilience. No longer get lost in the darkness by creating your Happily Ever After From Within.

Body Honesty: Uncover the Truth About Body Image & Learn to Embrace The Skin You're In


Body Image has become an epidemic thanks to the weapons of mass deception such as Photoshop, spanks, and cosmetic surgery just to name a few. These lies leave women with no honest reference point of what the female body looks like and instead twists their brains with unrealistic expectations. Rescue yourself from body hatred, stop obsessing over changing your body, and learn the truth about body expectations so that you can reconnect to your body today.

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LoveStrained to LoveStrong


You meet your Prince Charming or Gorgeous Queen. Then years pass, a few kids later, and you find yourself feeling unappreciated and resentful even when you still love your partner. You start to lose hope that you will ever feel wanted and fulfilled again. The fairy tale romance has faded to roommates or more painful yet enemies. You feel like nothing you do is ever good enough and no matter how hard you try there is no progress. Anger, hurt, and d esperation builds and blaming others for your dissatisfaction and unmet needs becomes routine. You ache to feel valued and connected in your relationship again. IT'S NOT TOO LATE. Learn how to rebuild trust and emotional intimacy, positively escalate your interactions, give and receive the love you desire, and begin to heal past hurts so that you and your partner can both feel accepted, appreciated, and deeply connected in your relationship. No magic wands needed.

Breaking the Silence


There is a dangerous darkness lurking in the shadows of relationships. The darkness known as sexual secrecy in which taboo topics such as marital sex, masturbation, and pornography are trivialized among men in locker rooms and avoided among women's circles in embarrassing whispers; if spoken at all. The don't ask-- don't tell-- I don't want to know-- policy of secrecy only feeds the shame and makes the risks to marriages more detrimental. In this workshop, men will learn how to set themselves free from the pressures of succeeding and fear of failure. Women will learn how to create the sacred safe space for vulnerability. Together, couples will learn to set their marriage free from the shame of sexual secrecy by learning what motivates escapism behaviors, the momentary rewards, and long term risks so that you and your spouse can strengthen and protect your marriage by achieving a higher level of physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy.

Sarah has an insightful line into how people think and heal. She is able to burrow into the core of the issue and pull out a stream of thought that makes simple sense in a chaotic world. Sarah is a talented practitioner who applies her skill set effortlessly to assist her audiences in shifting their mindset and perspective to one that moves them towards success..."


- Jennifer S.

I have learned so much. I am able to listen wholeheartedly because it feels like she is speaking from her heart- sharing her own journey as she teaches and speaks unscripted as if we are in a conversation. I am thankful for her concrete and practical tools, while addressing shame thoughts in an amazingly."


- Jessica

Sarah is a dynamic speaker than exudes confidence. Her concepts are clear and concise with powerful real life examples. The tools she provides and steps to follow left me feeling like I have the tools to make the changes I so needed even though I hadn't even realized it yet. Her story of losing herself while trying to please others felt like she was speaking directly to me and for me as my story so closely relates."


- Lynn

Sarah touched me with her speech in a way that I have not been touched in a very long time. She described her pain in a way that transcended age and circumstances and it took me back to my own painful relationship moments and I felt like I was experiencing it all over again. I wish I had heard her speak back then!"


- Mary O.

The financial uncertainty that a commission-only career brings can be a massive stress on any household. My wife and I run a real estate team together, so we're all too familiar with that stress. What we are not familiar with, however, is where to get the proper tools to deal with it. Once we recognized we needed a solution to that problem, Sarah Madras at Esteem Builders Coaching, produced a workshop for our team on that very subject. Like a true professional, Sarah came in and broke everything down for us in relatable terms. We instantly felt like she understood our challenges, and provided us with some very useful tools to use on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis. Her positive attitude and energy are contagious, and her passion is very evident. You'll hang on her every word. Using the tools provided to us by Sarah, the stress level in our household dramatically decreased almost immediately. It's amazing. If you are a commission based professional in the real estate industry, this workshop is a must. We highly recommend Sarah Madras and Esteem Builders Coaching."


- Joaquin Aguayo & Dona

   Aguayo 919 Realty

Thank you so very much Sarah! You helped me realize a few things about myself tonight. You’re truly motivating, energetic, and inspiring!!"


- Samantha B.

Sarah, that was truly amazing & inspiring & uplifting! Thank you for your time & thank you for your advice!”


- Elizabeth L.

I truly enjoyed Sarah’s stress management presentation at my company training. She comes across as a very genuine person, and is very excited about what she’s sharing. The energy she brings to her presentation is almost as important as the words she speaks."


- Jennifer

Thank you Sarah Madras. I really got a lot out of your training. Great nuggets for business and for life.” 


- Athena B.

Seriously. The. Best. Training. You really made us dig deep. Thank you so much!!!!”


- Stephanie F.

Thank you for taking time out of your night to share your gift with us!! It was PHENOMENAL!!” 


- Elizabeth B.

Best training ever! Thank you so much for taking the time to uplift and inspire our souls.” 


- Christine F.

A-Maz-ing! I loved every second of it. Thank you so much!!!” 


- MissEy F.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a great training tonight!” 


- Tabby H.

Loved loved it!! Took away so much! Thank you so much for giving us your time…” 


- Jennifer C.


Sarah Madras empowers and educates audiences with her warm personality and fiery passion to motivate people to embrace their innate worth and create fulfilling lives. She has a talent for thoughtful truth-telling and authentic personal vulnerability.


Founder of Esteem Builders Coaching, Sarah's reputation is built on her ability to explore difficult topics with compassion, empathy, and non-judgment. As a licensed mental health therapist her education in the science of human behavior and mindset mastery combined with over a decade of working directly with hundreds of individuals and organizations makes Sarah an expert in teaching audiences how to strengthen their interpersonal and leadership skills so they can achieve personal and professional success and fulfillment.


She has the rare ability to connect with audiences so that they feel understood and valued while also equipping them with actionable steps for immediate relief and long-term success.


She’s the boundary setting boss lady, call-you-on-your-bullshit, cheerleader-in-your-corner-girlfriend we all want to have drinks with. Her authentic interactions (before and after her talk) makes you feel like you have been welcomed into her home for an Italian family style open house-leaving you with a memorable experience.




Personal Development​

Professional Development

Bring Your A-Game: High Performance Hacks for Managing Stress & Anxiety

During the workshop, attendees will learn the formula for stress, how to positively manage stress, go from feeling powerless to powerful, productivity hacks, and the art of self care in reducing stress and improving performance. They will leave the workshop knowing exactly the steps to take to reduce stress, overcome barriers to self care, and how to bring their A-game in all situations. These tools will directly translate into improved career success, increased productivity, job satisfaction, and overall well being.

Courage + Confidence: Own Your Self Worth To Boost Your Net Worth 

The #1 thing blocking you from success is the belief that you are not enough. The self doubt of "Who am I to be doing this" is known as imposter syndrome. In this workshop, participants learn to strengthen their courage, build their confidence, and boost their net worth. Participants learn to banish common success blockers through the skills of assertive communication and increased confidence to make the contacts, increase their networks, and make the sales. They become empowered to think big instead of playing small due to self doubt.

Anatomy of Trust in Building Client Relations 

This workshop is an absolute game changer in creating raving fans from each person you encounter. During this workshop, attendees will learn the anatomy of trust and how building trusting relationships is the foundation for any thriving business by expanding their sphere of influence and attracting loyal customers, collaborations, and connections. Attendees will identify the areas of trust that are their strengths and weakness and how to transform their weaknesses into their superpowers.

Develop a Thought Boss Brain: Mindset Mastery for Powerful Living

A millionaire mindset starts by becoming The Boss of your thoughts. In this workshop, attendees learn how to shift out of autopilot and into mindfulness. They will learn to become the boss of their own thoughts so that they can banish fears, what ifs, and limiting beliefs and sky rocket their success and resilience. Attendees will walk away with their own solution guide to the most common limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck in fear and playing small. They will be equipped with the exact tools to re-program their brain for success over struggle.

Success & Satisfaction: Unlocking Your Core Values & Leaving a Legacy

This powerful workshop unlocks the keys to understanding how core values drive your behaviors, reactions, and goals. During the workshop, attendees will discover the 3 most important values that dictate their life, unlock hidden motivations, and reveal connections to patterns of discomfort. They will explore the importance of embracing their core values as the guiding principles of powerful living. They will be empowered to step fully into their purpose and accelerate their success and satisfaction by building a business that is the embodiment of their values and the legacy they want to leave.

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You made it fun and easy to understand in ways that books sometimes lack in examples of coping methods and explanations. Your workshop was fantastic!” 


- Rochelle

(Bring You’re A-Game: High Performance Hacks For Managing Stress & Anxiety)

Love your energy! I left the workshop feeling empowered. I loved it and would recommend it to others.” 


- Cherish

(Bring You’re A-Game: High Performance Hacks For Managing Stress & Anxiety)

Following the workshop, I felt relieved - I had answers to some things I am struggling with. I do wish that I could've recorded the session to play back and re-live some of the a-ha moments. It was so good that I wish I had more time with you as I WANTED MORE! GREAT workshop which is why I want to relive it!”


- Mandy

(Bring You’re A-Game: High Performance Hacks For Managing Stress & Anxiety)

Partial Speaking List:


Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship

LOOP Magazine: Litbounce Tour

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (UNC-Chapel Hill)

North Carolina State University (NCSU)

Abundance Ignited Retreat

Let’s Face It Radio

Alchemy Accounting

Rodan + Fields

Goal Crushers Club


The Connected Family Revolution Summit

B.O.S.S Conference

NBC 17 The

National Association of University Women

Women Rising Live





Strength & Soul Wellness

Business Networking International (BNI) Cary Climbers Chapter

North Carolina School Social Workers Association

United States Department of Energy

Awaken the Goddess Within

Stay Happily Married

Florida State University College of Social Work

OFM, Inc

Sherman Rosier of Fit & Functional

Dr. Angela Jones of Angela Jones Therapy

Irma Parone of Parone Group

Matt Butler of Rollers

Sarah Madras, what can I say..... my team and I were so blessed by you tonight. You are contagious, fun, exciting and honest. Thank you for taking time out of your night to help us dig deep. You have a gift my friend!!! Thank you does not seem like enough!!


- Tesha Merrell

Rodan + Fields

Sarah gave an amazing talk! She really showed our community how it is important to realize your self worth, especially in a time when people are so critical of themselves and other people are just equally as critical. She showed us how you can use your self worth and confidence to accomplish whatever you want in life.


- Kati Moscirella

North Carolina State University Women’s Empowerment Conference