It starts with building your Stonehenge of Self Esteem.


Stonehenge is a masterpiece that dates back to 3000 BC. The sacred landscape has been around for roughly 5,000 years, symbolizing the epitome of resilience, internal strength, and fortitude. During our time together, you will hop into your DeLorean and journey back to Wiltshire, England 3000 BC.


It is exciting times with the beginning of the Bronze Age and the invention of writing. You are dressed in your labor attire as you are

Join the Stonehenge of Self-Esteem and begin your journey to ROCK SOLID confidence today!

Reclaim your SELF-WORTH. Experience UNSTOPPABLE RESILIENCE today!

Does your fear of being rejected by others keep you quiet and stuck in unfulfilling relationships?




Taking care of everyone else first and yourself last, and ending up exhausted?


Feeling like all the responsibilities fall on you?


Feeling angry and resentful in your relationships?


Feeling like you have to nag to get your needs met?

After you place the seventh pillar into position,


the sun begins to set casting a warm glow over your divine creation. You stand back, wipe the sweat from your brow, and marvel at your miraculous monument. Your Stonehenge of Self Esteem is complete. You feel a rush of exhilaration as you exhale a cleansing breath of peaceful release. A wave of confidence washes over you as you step fully into your divine circle, look around at each pillar of your true self, and realize you are as strong and resilient as Stonehenge.

I highly recommend the Stonehenge of Self-Esteem course!


It is written in an easy to read style and is full of immediately usable information to bolster your self-esteem and reclaim your own self-worth. The material dives deep without being too overwhelming and is full of positive messages as well as real-life examples that make it easy to relate to and see areas of my self-esteem that needed to be worked on.


The accompanying worksheets are straightforward and practical to implement, which make it easy to accomplish the action steps. They have provided me with a roadmap to keep myself accountable and create both a self-care routine as well as ways to catch and reframe my negative self-talk.


After taking the course I not only feel more confident and purposeful in my actions and thoughts, but am now understanding that it’s important to take care of myself as equally as I care-take and give to others."



- Tory Hendrix, Licensed Acupuncturist, MSTOM

Are you tired of:

Do you want to:



Feel valued and appreciated?


Get your needs met without all the nagging or resentment?


Build trust within yourself and your relationships?


Set your boundaries?


Reconnect with your personal voice so you can communicate your needs openly?


Take care of yourself while maintaining your nurturing heart?


Let go of the anger and resentment?


Practice gratitude?


Become the Boss of your Thoughts?


Embrace your body and accept it instead of trying to change it?


Reclaim your self worth?


Feel loved?


Be unstoppable by building your personal resilience?

As a licensed mental health counselor with over a decade of experience, I have seen both professionally and personally how low self esteem is the ROOT of all of life’s challenges. Challenges such as anxiety, depression, addiction, eating disorders, anger, resentment, relationship problems, low productivity, etc. The symptoms are endless." - Sarah Madras, Founder of Esteem Builder Coaching


- Sarah Madras, Founder of Esteem Builder Coaching

Stonehenge of Self Esteem







if you join now!


I recently finished the Stonehenge of Self Esteem program, and I am so grateful to have these tools. This is such an incredible, in depth, mind-shifting program that also had me laughing at times. Thank you for helping to grow my wisest women in me."


- Jessica D.

The program is awesome! Everyone needs to learn about themselves from the inside out. Even if you think your "esteem" is good, there are things for you to learn in the program!"


- TORY W. H.


Core Values


  • Identify your top 3 core values
  • Learn how your core values impact your behaviors, thoughts, and feelings
  • Learn how your triggers, anxieties, and frustrations trace back to your core values
  • Learn to use your core values as your superpowers




  • Confront the myths about boundaries
  • Learn the importance of boundaries
  • Figure out your own boundaries


Self Care


  • Confront the myths of self care
  • Learn why self care is so important to your health and relationships
  • Write your own permission slips
  • Create your own self care action plan


Thought Boss


  • Learn what it means to be a Thought Boss
  • Learn how to be The Boss of the negative thoughts that pop into your head
  • Learn how to quiet that inner critic and break through fears


Self Trust


  • Learn the components of trust towards self and others
  • Learn the difference between Intuition and Fear
  • Visualize your future self


Body Image


  • Learn the importance of a connection between the mind-body-spirit
  • Identify how and when you may disconnect from your body
  • Learn to reconnect with your body
  • Learn to accept your body instead of changing it


Self Worth


  • Learn about the birth of self worth
  • Learn about the thieves of self worth
  • Create your own mantra
  • Learn to reclaim your self worth





digging the ditch and building the earthen bank to support your sacred Stonehenge of Self Esteem. You start with one Pillar at a time. Loading each into your wheeled cart and pushing the heavy load to your sacred ground, you strategically place each pillar in its specific order for optimal strength and resilience.


Although each load is heavy one-by-one, maneuvering each pillar into place you feel stronger. Your body no longer aches and instead feels weightless and free. You have 7 Pillars total to load and push in your cart. 7 Pillars to build up into place with love and purposeful care. Each pillar bears its own name and intention. One no more or less important than another.