What I wish Savannah and Hoda would have said after reading the Today Show statement about Matt Lauer 's sexual misconduct​

Here's what I hope they would have said if they would have had more time to process their own feelings prior to going on air.


I wish they would have said this.......


We just learned this moments ago and are in shock. We are still trying to process everything. However, now is not an appropriate time to focus on us. Instead IT IS the time to support the colleague who courageously came forward. It is time to empower and encourage her through this difficult and fearful time.


Our experience with Matt has been one of dear friendship over the last 15-years and we are heartbroken for you that your experience with him was not the same. We can't even begin to imagine how difficult this must be for you. We truly admire the bravery it took for you to come forward and share your story. We respect the inner strength you have already shown.


Thank you for taking the more difficult and painful road of stepping forward and bringing attention to this so that other women and all people may be protected and have a workplace environment where they feel safe.


As we try to reconcile within ourselves the turn of events please know that our hearts break for you. Even though we hold a history of friendship and love with Matt, we do not condone any of his inappropriate behavior. As we try to grapple with the revelation of the shadow side of Matt we acknowledge that you are grappling with a much greater pain from the aftermath of the incidents that happened against you.


Even though we do not know your name yet, we value you as a colleague, fellow woman, and human. We are confident that you are beloved by many people. Although we do not know the details of what happened to you as women, we do know what it is like to feel unsafe and uncomfortable by a man. Which is how we hold a history with you as well. A history of sisterhood amongst women within this cultural reckoning.


We know is that this reckoning in our culture is important and long overdue and must result with all people feeling safe and respected in the workplace. As painful as this must be for you at this time and in this culture please know that we are grateful to you for being the leader of change at the Today Show.


We hope that you find some peace in our reassurance to you that our time to process this and reconcile the Matt we knew with the new information we have learned is simply a result of our own personal grief and loss of the image of the friend we thought we knew so well. We continue to stand with you and any other person who has been made to feel unsafe. We promise to continue this important conversation and to be as transparent and supportive as possible to all those that speak up.​